The City Lynx App revolutionizes the shared use of vehicles. It facilitates comfortable and safe car sharing without requiring server infrastructure or an expensive hotline. Sharing and driving with the options of the 21st century.

City Lynx supports the planning, driving and billing with the technologies that are known from social networks - easy, fast and always at hand.

As City Lynx is not a primitive browser application, it can make the best possible use of the technical capabilities provided by the combination of a modern smart phone with cloud services. This includes the seamless integration of route guidance and telephony as well as the use of NFC tags.

The City Lynx App will be available for the platform Microsoft Windows Phone from fall 2013.

City Lynx safeguards the privacy of your personal data by means of robust cryptographic systems. Members of a social group are free to decide whether or not the places they visit should be visible to others. For encryption City Lynx uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

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Programming NFC tags in City Lynx is as easy as tapping on an icon. The tags can be assigned to vehicles, shortening the start of the app to the beginning of the journey in a hitherto unknown way.

City Lynx and NFC - a fascinating combination.