Prometheus combines the functions of issue-tracking systems and revision control with a Wiki and a file store.

Thus, Prometheus facilitates a phenomenal increase in productivity - even shortly after being introduced in a company:

No more waste of time with e-mail or the searching of documents or information.

  • Share knowledge with those who need it
  • Stay posted about the state of an issue and the registered time and effort at all times
  • Learn from mistakes

Prometheus translates enjoyment of work and invention into powerful and competitive software products - free from defects at the time you appointed with your client.

More information:

  • development projects
  • maintainance issues
  • bug fixing

Prometheus represents issues in the business process of a company in a transparent way. Dynamic and situational groups of issues provide a quick overview of current issues in which there is need for action.

The FMEA is the basis of a risk analysis in which the effects of changing a product are calculated based on the affected source code.

Prometheus contains tools for the creation and the maintenance of a data base resulting from the Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) of a product. It interrelates source code, functions, use cases and test cases.

Prometheus facilitates the automatic selection, performance and analysis of system tests. The transition from a discrete to a continuous integration of complex products thus becomes an attractive option.