Virgo replicates the discrete-event behavior of electronic control units in the diagnostic mode with software. It facilitates a comfortable configuration and visualization of the emulations in the representation of the electrical system on the Virgo graphical user interface.

Virgo supports the diagnostic protocols UDS (ISO 14229) and KWP2000 (ISO 14230) among others. It also emulates DRAM, flash memory and the repository on internal hard drives.

In addition to electronic control units it is possible to emulate intelligent sensors and actors in the electrical system of the vehicle.

Virgo supports the connection of real CAN hardware facilitating test constructions with hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) without software engineering in a simple, quick and reproducible manner. Step by step, the discrete-event models of control units and sensors can afterwards be replaced by real hardware.

The verification of complex IT products as the finalizing stage before their productive implementation is a relic of the last millennium. Quality cannot be “tested into being”; the processes of design and development must inherently produce software free from defects. In the light of dramatically shortened cycles of innovation, only Continuous Integration (CI) is able to fulfill this requirement. Mobile gadgets are setting the pace and their functionality and versatility are now also expected from vehicles.

Development and operation of vehicle-related software are supported by the control unit emulator Virgo starting from the early proof of concept to the analysis of error patterns of products already on the market.